NEW 2019: An online catalogue of the IIHSA library is now available

In accordance with the requirements of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Institute is developing a library as a research resource for Irish history and culture in Athens. Some significant steps have been taken towards the creation of the Institute's Library at Athens, thanks to the generosity of the Cultural Section of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs in offering some 200 books of Irish interest.

The IIHSA Library has received a series of substantial donations. In January 2000, Professor George Huxley donated a large part of his personal library. Some 1000 items (including offprints) were kindly given to the Institute's collection. In addition, the IIHSA has received generous donations from Mr. Nicholas Harman, Dr. Tomás Ó Canainn, Mr. Kevin Girvin, Ms. Victoria Pearson, the Cultural Section of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Embassy at Athens.

The Institute would greatly welcome donations of books and off-prints.

Though ancient Greek culture, philosophy, archaeology and folkore (ancient and modern) currently form the primary research interests of the Institute, it is also an aspiration to encourage the cross-cultural interest in traditional music. Therefore we would also like to build up a section in the library devoted to Irish music. Again, donations of books and recordings will be gratefully received.


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