Membership of the IIHSA is open to anyone researching, studying, or teaching subjects connected with any aspect of Greek studies. Admission is for one academic year, and is renewable each September.

If you are not actively involved in Greek studies, but would like to support the work of the Institute you can do so by becoming a Friend of the Irish Institute.

Membership of the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens entitles you to:
- use of the IIHSA facilities in Athens
- advice on research/study in Greece from the IIHSA Athens staff
- apply for a free entry pass for Greek museums and sites
- apply for study permits from the Greek Archaeological Service through the IIHSA
- use the libraries of other Foreign Institutes in Athens and of the Greek
Archaeological Society.

Current membership charges
Full - 30 euros
Student- 20 euros
You can apply to become a member of the IIHSA by completing an application form.

IHSA membership application forms are available from:

Assistant Director,
Odos Notara 51a,
Athens 106 83, Greece
Tel/Fax: 30210 8848074

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